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WOD Willow Journals
Willow's Journals through WOD (what I like to call World Of Dreams because this never really happen to her. Her real story will be posted soonish)
Entry 1: finding out
Dad why aren't you here? Why did THEY have to take you from me? I don't understand this balance thing! I've read through your journals a million times I still don't get it! Why didn't you tell me? I don't understand, we only feel that burden in "that place"? Then what was mom doing? This balance thing, is it just a negative energy balancing positive, like you said or something more? Why do we have to be connected like this? Why are we the negative energy and why do we work for "the others"! Was it some kind of test for us in "that place"? Is that why THEY kicked me out!? Is that the reason? Is it another test? Am I to become a Guardian like you? And what's with this kid, Xeno? He's family but why do I hate him so much? Is he one of "the others" you wrote about? If he is am I his balance? His necklace reminds me of the on
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Izuna 2 woot :iconwillowstarr17:willowStarr17 7 4 Desktop pic :iconwillowstarr17:willowStarr17 0 0 the end :iconwillowstarr17:willowStarr17 0 2 side ways kinda :iconwillowstarr17:willowStarr17 0 0 sword in the . . . gym floor? :iconwillowstarr17:willowStarr17 0 2 handle :iconwillowstarr17:willowStarr17 0 0 wow :iconwillowstarr17:willowStarr17 0 0 tip :iconwillowstarr17:willowStarr17 0 0 back in the floor :iconwillowstarr17:willowStarr17 0 0 gym floor :iconwillowstarr17:willowStarr17 0 0


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  • Listening to: Moring Musume!
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wow been a long a$$ time! ok so to update life's a bitch and a blessing. ya end of that story. (if you want deals of the drama just note me)

so ya Morning Musume has taken over my life! more then it use too! i learned the dance to Renai Hunter and i'm re-learning Koi No Victory! ya i will one day know all the MoMusu dances!

(rant on MoMusu you can skip this)

if you don't know what Morning Musume is check out there youtube channel!…

ya i'm also going to make some of there costumes! god i love them to i'm really sad because my favorite girls are graduating from the group (leaving the group because they are too old) Like Hitomi Yoshizawa, she left in 2007 and the group isn't the same. then Eri and "the Pandas" (LinLin & JunJun) left. that just made my other fave Raina Tanaka sad and omg that vid had me bawling! the Takahashi Ai left! T_T that destroyed TakaGaki! lol ya Risa Niigaki and Takahashi Ai had a really "close" relationship and ya fans ship them ^_^ but ya that left Gaki-san in charge which i have to say she was the best leader od MoMusu aqnd Hello Project!. but most recently Gaki-san graduated and its just so heart breaking! the MoMusu i know is almost gone!

------------(ok read now lolz)

i only know Reina and Sayumi! and i know they are both graduating soon since they are 6th generation and will soon be 23-24 ish. its weird to think that they're my age. but ya so sad about this. but anyway i've been on MoMusu's youtube making playlist of all the 50 music videos and its so crazy looking at how the group changed.

but as a result of all this i've decided i'm gunna take dance classes and a Japanese class. so that means that soon i will (finally) be going back to school. woot *dances*

------------------(another rant skip if you want)

So the AKB48 totally caught my attention, i always new there were other jpop girl groups like MoMusu but never listen to then. till i watch MAjisuka Gakuen, its a J-Drama starting the AKB48. and it made me want to listen to then so i found their youtube channel and fount they are really different from MoMusu. but i like the difference and so now i'm stuck watching their tv game shows and all that ^_^

lol Majisuka Gakuen makes me want to dress like a yankee and be all "Maji Da Yo!" all the time! this show is just ridiculous! i love the characters but my fave is Nezumi! omg i love her so much! i'm so coplaying her asap! but i nee someone to be my Center! lolz ya thats another thing the characters names are just plan funny! but ya you all should check it out! i'll link you here:…

-------(finally i think i'm done ranting)

so ya in the end i want to be in a Japanese girl group and be an Idol! i wanna dance and sing and have an epic character like Watanabe Mayu (Namumi) the Idol Cyborg or like Tanaka Reina the Yankee Idol. god i wish! omg if only i had the ability to sing! oh well guess i'll just have to learn japanese and how to dance better and just pretend in my room! lol so ya thats my rant-y update ^_^


Willow Starr
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United States
i'm an aspiring prop maker and total geek. i'm into everything from marvel comics to anime to paper rpgs (yess with tons of dice! i love the sound of dice hitting a table ^_^) i'm a hard core geek/ gamer for real (if only you could see my room omg! it yeahs geek/gamer!) i'm random at times and like everyone else, i have my moments. anyway if there's anything you want to know just note me


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